We provide integrated health care services to support the people living in ULS communities to achieve a sustainable and healthy quality of life.

About Us

UNITE DE LUTTE POUR LA SANTE (ULS) is a local non-profit health and community development organization helping the people of our communities be healthy and self-sufficient citizens. Our organization was founded in 2010 with Haitian doctors, nurses and other community supporters and is registered with the Haitian Ministry of Health. Our primary health care center was established in the Bande du Nord communal section in Cap-Haitian, Haiti in December 2010. In December 2011 we developed an affiliated community clinic in Mombin-Crochu village to ensure integrated health services and support the empowerment of vulnerable people from the village.

We have always understood that good health is more than just good medicine and so have developed programs and services that support good nutrition; economic well-being and education. Our goal is on empowering the very poor by developing a partnership with them where they learn how to care for themselves, their families, and communities, and obtain a self-sufficient and good quality of life.


The people of the communities served by ULS are able to meet assure that their basic needs are met and have opportunities to improve their quality of life through work, education, preventive health practices, and access to needed services, leading to improved health and social conditions in Northern Haiti.


Provide integrated healthcare services and support the empowerment of the vulnerable people in Northern Haiti.

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