Our health centers

Bande du Nord/Fort-Bourgeouis Health Center

Located in Cap Haitien: The community became aware of their need for access to healthcare when they experienced a mobile clinic in 2010 that was staffed by Dr. Mesadieu. Their request for a clinic was brought to and approved by the Haitian Ministry of Health because of their distance from the closest primary healthcare center in northern Haiti. This Health Center primarily serves all of the Bande de Nord population of over 25,000 people, but patients also come from other parts of the city of Cap-Haitien, with a population estimated to be about 250000 people.

Community clinic at Mombin Village

The clinic in this community started in response to the high number of people who were paralyzed as a result of a stroke or died from conditions related to high blood pressure and did not have the resources to get the necessary medications. Now the new health facility serves about 40000 people in this village with good quality comprehensive primary health care.

Services provided in the health centers

  • General Consultation

  • Children's Health:

  • Pediatrician Consultation

  • Immunization

  • Malnutrition Program

  • Women's Health

  • Pre and Post-Natal Consultation

  • Deliveries

  • Family Planning (including vasectomies)

  • Laboratory (for the basic lab test)

  • Pharmacy

  • Dental Clinic (twice a year)

  • High Blood Pressure and Diabetic Program

  • Mobile Clinic

  • CHA’s (community health agent) Works

  • Rally Post

  • Home-to-Home Visits

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